Global Cultures Event

With the theme “Different yet Similar”, Waad Education Company organized its first annual “Global Cultures“ event to Spread cultural acceptance and knowledge. Held on the 26th of January at the girls football field at Waad Academy schools. It highlighted many activities which included Country Booths, Cultural Performances, Bazaar, Play corner for our young visitors.

The event was based on a friendly competition between schools and companies under Waad Holding, with prizes for (Best Country Booth), (Best Country Performance) and (Best Cultural Attire).

There were 8 country booths, which included (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, India, Lebanon, Spain, Egypt and Pakistan) that were decorated in this event by the schools and companies students / staff, where visitors can experience the taste of their food, traditional clothing and the natural feeling of being in that country. The winner for best country booth for Global Cultures 2023 was Pakistan (Waad Education & Doroob).

All the guests who attended were astonished with the special performances of traditional dances by the countries, performed by the students and staff that resembled the uniqueness of their culture. The winner for best country Performance for Global Cultures 2023 was India (Waad Academy Schools – Girls).

The atmosphere was lively and bustling with people walking about the food stalls and the country booths, wearing the most beautiful traditional attire. The winner for best Traditional Attire for Global Cultures 2023 was Omar Alsufyani (Waad Academy Schools – Boys).

The Global Cultures event brings forward various cultures, various values and various understandings between people, and this is something we would celebrate together at Waad Education Company.